The easiest way to feed your dog real food

The Wholesome Dog recommends a meal plan and precise portions based on your dog’s individual needs. Our recipes are prepared fresh using human grade ingredients and delivered right to your door.


Introduce your dog

We start by asking you a few simple questions about your dog to understand their nutritional needs.

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We formulate a tailored meal plan

Our vet-derived algorithm tailors a meal plan and portion sizes for your dog to meet their unique needs. Our recipes are carefully formulated for optimum nutrition by our in-house canine nutritionist. All meals exceed industry standards and are formulated to be complete and balanced for all life stages.

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Pick the best plan for your pup

Our subscription plans are easy-to-manage & super flexible - pause or cancel at any time!

Complete Plan - Provides all of your dog's daily recommended calories and guarantees that they have the perfect balance of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. This plan provides the best value and is charged & delivered every 2 weeks.

Half 'n' Half Plan - Provides 50% half of your dog's daily recommended calories - simply mix our food with half of their existing food. This is a cost effective option that still allows your dog to receive the benefits of eating real food. This plan is charged & delivered every 4 weeks. 

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We cook your dog's delicious meals

Your dog’s meals are cooked to order in our Melbourne kitchen using only human-grade, locally sourced ingredients. All our meals are Grain & Legume-Free so you can rest assured there are no nasties in your dog’s food. 

Our food is steamed at low temperatures to maximise nutritional integrity, digestibility and taste while minimising the risk of bacteria.

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We deliver for free to your door

We offer free delivery, every time.

Your dog's meals will be delivered on a regular basis so you’ll always have the right amount of food on hand.

Our meals will arrive frozen in an insulated box and will keep for up to 8 hours so you never have to wait around for our delivery (we understand that your dog probably will!)





Feed your dog in seconds

Skip the stress and the mess. Your dog’s meals are perfectly portioned into convenient daily serving packs giving you more time for the things that matter - cue belly rubs and wagging tails!

Start feeding your dog our healthy dog food today!


Delicious healthy dog food. Prepared fresh, portioned & delivered.

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