Healthy ingredients prepared fresh

100% human-grade ingredients. No fillers & nothing artificial or processed. Just natural goodness and nutrition you can see!

Tailored & portioned for your dog

A meal plan and precise portions based on your dog’s unique profile. Nutritionally complete and balanced so you can just open and serve.

Delivered free to your door

Free convenient deliveries made within days of cooking. With an easy-to-manage subscription never run out of dog food again!

We fetch you the healthiest dog food in the market

Everything your dog needs. Nothing they don't.

Grain & Legume Free recipes using only human-grade wholefood ingredients. NO fillers. NO by-products, off-cuts or rendered meat. NO artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

We're taking the lead on food quality & safety.

Gently cooked in small batches in our human-grade Melbourne kitchen. Our recipes have been formulated by canine nutritionists to be complete and balanced for all life stages.

We understand that no two dogs are the same.

Our vet-derived algorithm tailors meal plans and portion sizes for your dog to meet their unique needs.

We're Aussie through and through. 

We're proudly 100% Australian made and owned. 95% of our ingredients are sourced from Aussie farmers and businesses.

Great for our dogs and our planet.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable. 

The only human-grade ingredients going into your dog's bowl. Fur-real.

A tailored meal plan and pricing to suit your dog's unique needs

  • Our vet-derived algorithm calculates your dog’s individual calorie needs which determines portion sizes and pricing.
  • We cut out the middlemen to invest in the best possible ingredients for your best friend.
  • Use our calculator to get an estimate or tell us more about your dog so we can fetch you an exact price.

Health Benefits You Can See


Our recipes use human-grade proteins filled with essential amino acids, B vitamins and minerals to boost alertness and mental development. Slow burning carbohydrates mean less energy spikes and improved temperament.


Our meals don’t use any corn-based fillers and are preservative, dairy, wheat and gluten-free. Our simple ingredient list will please even the pickiest of canine taste buds.


Our meals are made with the high quality proteins and nutrient rich vegetables needed for a strong immune system and healthy heart.


Our hypoallergenic recipes have the perfect ratio of Omega 3 & 6 oils, Vitamins A, B & E and Zinc to reduce irritation and keep your dog’s skin healthy and coat shiny.


Switching to our fresh food means no bulking agents and artificial ingredients. This will improve digestion, prevent upset stomachs and lead to less waste (meaning fewer and smaller stools).


With the optimal ratio of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins our food promotes good bone and joint health. Customised portions ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight relieving stress on the body.


Our meals contain fish oil, green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes which reduce inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, respiratory disease and osteoarthritis.

Don't take our word for it - See what the pack has to say

Poppy and Leng

Poppy absolutely loves The Wholesome Dog! As her parents we feel so reassured knowing that she is getting all her nutritional needs as the food is tailored to her and she just enjoys it so much. The convenience of fortnightly deliveries is just another bonus. 

Archie and Gary

Thought we'd just give it a try, but blown away by how much our dog loves the food. Freshly made, service is exemplary, SUPER convenient. Our cavoodle is our best friend and we felt we've given him by the best by subscribing.

Baxter and Barbara

Baxter is a 5 year old Maltese and he has psoriasis. He love the food and his skin was better after having better meals. I highly recommend The Wholesome Dog for everyone! :) We eat healthy why not dogs?

Barkley and Nicole

Barkley LOVED the Wholesome dog! Every time I went to get it out of the fridge he was so excited. I personally loved how fresh all of the ingredients were, it looked and smelt delicious enough for even me to eat!

Molly and Cherie

My nearly 15yr old Westie has had a new lease on life with this outstanding dog food. Individual cooked and frozen daily portions with “Molly” on the label which is a delightful personal touch. The quality of the human grade ingredients that’s been hand prepared is clearly evident. No foul smelling canned mush with Wholesome Dog.....this smells so delicious I would have no qualms stealing some of Molly’s dinner if she’d let me!

Thula and Debbie

Our 6-year King Charles Cavalier loves this dog food! You can see all the real food pieces, instead of the rubbish you get from the supermarket. The Wholesome Dog is paws down our dog’s favourite food!

Delicious healthy dog food. Prepared fresh, portioned & delivered.

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